Kort nieuws 2 augustus 2009

Oude en iets nieuwere links die nodig eens uit mijn to do lijstje vandaan moeten:

Aptoniem: topman Bellens van Belgacom (Onze Taal, 29 juli 2009)

Aptoniem is een nog niet zo lang bestaande benaming voor een (achter)naam die heel goed past bij iemands functie of beroep. Het tegenovergestelde kun je inaptoniem noemen, bijvoorbeeld de vroegere KLM-woordvoerder Benno Baksteen.

TWIN NAMES: Individual Choices, Same Meaning (Nameberry, 27 mei 2009)

The recent spate of celebrities having twins (they’re not really just like us, are they?) got me thinking about twin names. Although the Social Security list of most popular twin names would have you think differently, cutesy pairs like Merry and Joy or Tim and Tom are out. So how can you find twin names that have a strong unifying element yet are distinct from each other, special in their own right?

Hector + Harriet: London Telegraph Names (You Can’t Call It It, 4 mei 2009)

“It’s like Christmas” wrote one commenter when I posted another list of the London Telegraph birth announcements. What is it that we find so compelling about these names?  Is it that they can and do take chances, knowing full well that a little Kitty or Hubert will have all the advantages in life regardless of what they are named?  Is it the uncharted territory and venerable history?  The artful combinations of three and sometimes four given names?

Virtue Names (Xanthe Linnea, 6 maart 2009)

People usually fall into two camps:  they either love virtue names or hate them.  At their best, virtue names are a pretty nod to the importance of character, given by parents who wish to express to their children that life is more than appearances, wealth, and power. After all, the world needs people with Grace, Patience, and Charity.

sonore maoams – namenstrends in deutschland (das blog über vornamen, 27 februari 2009)

Die Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung berichtet heute über Studien von Damaris Nübling, Professorin für Historische Sprachwissenschaft des Deutschen an der Universität Mainz. Die Studien erhärten Theorien, die besagen, dass Jungen- und Mädchennamen sich lautlich immer mehr angleichen – die Rufnamen also mit der Zeit androgyner werden.

top10 2008 (der gfds) (das blog über vornamen, 27 februari 2009)

Außerdem im Trend, aber noch nicht beliebt genug für die Top10, sind Lina, Lilly, Emilia, Anton, Ben, Luis/Louis und Noah.

Names that are Unexpectedly Biblical (Much Ado About Naming, 16 februari 2009)

# Lois — Before she was the mother in Family Guy, way before she was even Superman’s girlfriend, Lois was in the Bible. Paul writes of her that she had “sincere faith,” and she influenced her daughter and grandson toward the same. Her grandson grew up to become the young preacher Timothy (important enough to have two books of the Bible named after him).

top30 aus münchen (das blog über vornamen, 25 januari 2009)

Und wer seine Töchter Laura Sophie und Lena Marie nennt, dessen Söhne heißen konsequenter Weise Lukas Maximilian und Leon Alexander:

What’s your baby name IQ? (Baby Name Brainstorm, 23 januari 2009)

All right, all you baby name wizards out there: think you’re hot stuff? Here’s a fun little diversion for you: Step up and test your intellectual might against this diabolical gauntlet of brain-twisting baby name conundrums.

dortmunder top30 (das blog über vornamen, 14 januari 2009)

Insgesamt also eher moderne und internationale Namen, vor allem im Vergleich mit den überwiegend klassisch wirkenden Münsteraner Namen. Joel und Alina sind beispielsweise vergleichsweise häufig vergeben worden. Außerdem schaffen es in Dortmund mit Arda, Efe, Ali, Nur und Can immerhin fünf türkische und/oder muslimische Namen in die Top30. Arda scheint bei Deutsch-Türken allgemein im Trend zu liegen; auch zwei der Neujahrsbabys hießen so.

top30 in münster (das blog über vornamen, 11 januari 2009)

Nachdem sie 2007 kurz verschwunden war, hat es Leni jetzt also schon zum zweiten Mal in die Top30 geschafft. Und auch der Name von Heidi Klums zweitem Kind, Henry, schaffte es letztes Jahr (in etwas abweichender Schreibweise) in die Topliste. Auf Johan(n) wartet man noch vergebens, aber vielleicht schafft der es ja dieses Jahr.

New Baby Naming ‘Wizard’ Tool (Baby Name Brainstorm, 9 januari 2009)

The good folks over at Name.com have recently released the beta version of their Baby Naming Wizard (not to be confused with Laura Wattenberg’s Baby Name Wizard).

Baby Name Brainstorm Launches! (Baby Name Brainstorm, 16 november 2008)

In choosing a name for my daughter, I wasn’t so much concerned with the first letter as with the general feel and style of the name: qualities that come from particular sounds, or cultural associations. I wanted to find a name that was fairly unique, had a strong personality, and an interesting or significant meaning.

2008 NOTY First Round: No. 1 Destiny Frankenstein v. No. 16 Maurkice Pouncey (Name of the Year, 25 februari 2008)

Now it’s up to you. Print the ballot. Fill it out. Argue the merits of No. 1 seeds Destiny Frankenstein, Steeve Ho You Fat, Fabio Assalone and Reprobatus Bibbs. Debate whether Dom Perignon Champagne was robbed with a No. 12 seed or whether No. 5 Baffelly Woo can take out No. 4 Poony Poon in an inevitable second-round matchup.

Den Dikken/Dunnen/Breejen (Onze Taal, 22 februari 2008)

Vandaag trouwen Bastiaan den Dunnen en Nelly den Dikken uit Hardinxveld-Giessendam. Nelly wordt dan Nelly den Dunnen-den Dikken. Haar moeder heet Den Dikken-den Breejen, en haar oma was mevrouw Den Dikken-Buik.

Peter R. de Vries & John F. Kennedy (Onze Taal, 3 februari 2008)

Nu vroegen we ons af: deed hij dat vanwege de gelijkenis in naamsstructuur, met die extra voorletter? Trouwens, waar staat die R eigenlijk voor? (Blijkt Rudolf te zijn, en de F is Fitzgerald.)

“What Kind of Name Is Vuguru?” (Nancy Friedman, 18 november 2007)

Out of the mouths of moguls: What kind of name is Vuguru? To me it sounds like a drug, like Vioxx or Viagra. If it reminds you of something that creates new strength, I guess that’s O.K. In French, vous is second-person plural. Vuguru–you are the guru of viewing. It…

Architectural Naming Trends (Nancy Friedman, 14 november 2007)

Writing in Slate, architect and author Witold Rybczynski analyzes trends in the naming of architecture firms. In 1857, when the American Institute of Architects was founded, architecture was struggling to be perceived as a profession like law. Thus the preference…

The Goofy-Names Index (Nancy Friedman, 9 oktober 2007)

Is the latest technology bubble about to burst? A page-one article in today’s Wall Street Journal reports on several indicators of a downward trend: The goofy-names index, for example, is back near its previous high. Consider Orgoo Inc., which helps…

“Any Name That Fails to Be a Good Name Immediately Becomes a Bad One” (Nancy Friedman, 10 september 2007)

I found myself marking many passages in “The Untragic Death of Henry Gladfelter,” an essay by Robert Cohen in the August issue of The Believer. The best bits aren’t online; you’ll have to find the issue in a library or…

Round Up! Baby Names in the News, 08/07 (Bad Baby Names, 4 augustus 2007)

Crazy baby names given by celebrities are nothing new, but the Times of London has compiled a list of the Top 500 Craziest Celebrity Baby Names. Some of these sound like they’d be more likely as AKC registered show dog names, while some don’t sound so weird in the context of the others.

Harry Potter Sparks Baby Name Surge — In Australia (Celebrity Baby Names Blog, 20 juli 2007)

In Queensland, Australia, the popularity of the baby name Harry has tripled since the series began in 1997. Never mind that the total number of Harrys born in 2006 in Queensland was less than 200. Queensland Attorney-General Kerry Shine bragged that the popularity of Harry in his state was of “mystical proportions.” He should know.

It Was Either That or `Moby’ (Name of the Year, 8 juni 2007)

Charley Willard Horse Dick appears to have indeed been born to Dacia Tonasket and Brian Dick at Holy Family Hospital in Spokane, Wash., on May 2, 2006.

How to name your baby girl according to the bible (Baby Name Plaza, 3 mei 2007)

Zilpa, Na’ama, Athalia

French Baby Names (Baby Name Plaza, 9 april 2007)

Jean-Claude, Adrianne-Yvonne

Sanskrit Baby Names (Baby Name Plaza, 9 april 2007)

The Sanskrit baby names are fast becoming the favorite choice for many parents. It is probably due to the distinct romantic meaning, unique sound, and magical connotation of the baby names. Also, the Hindu religion and Yoga are increasing in popularity.

Indian Baby Names (Baby Name Plaza, 27 maart 2007)

Basically, the Indian baby names are based on religion and caste. There are wide variety of language and religion in India. As a matter of fact, most religion has a huge following in India like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and Hindus.